May 17

Unplug to Connect

  As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, young people, families, and Clubs are faced with many challenges. Fatigue around social distancing, isolation, and living in the virtual world for school, work, and to connect with family and friends is taking its toll on our mental health. For this year’s Unplug to Connect, we want to celebrate...
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Apr 16

2021 National Youth Forum: Stronger Connection

Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada and our National Youth Council are pleased to announce an adapted approach to engaging youth nationally in 2021! Stronger Connection Week will take place between May 10 – 15, 2021. The week will focus on engaging youth across Canada in building community, learning together, and creating national connections using technology. BGC Gander...
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Mar 30

Meet BGC Gander

It’s official, Gander Boys and Girls Club has become BGC Gander. Not to be trendy. Not because its shorter or catchier. But because clubs across the country open their doors to all kids and teens and we believe our brand should reflect that. Removing gender from our name modernizes the BGC brand and echoes the...
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